ACX Rescue Plan

Dear community,

as you all may have known, $ACX was attacked by flash-loan this morning while rebasing.

This is the transaction link:

As a result, 470k $ACX was dumped and 203 ETH was acquired by the hacker. As we tried to analyze the transaction logs of the hacker, which apparently is professional and familiar with the trick, we tried hard to rescue our project.

  1. We have fixed the bug, published a new version of contract and rebased successfully. (this is an extra rebase for Dec 15th, 2020)

We thank you for your understanding and we hope we can still carry on together.

We have burnt 195042 ACX token from Advisor reserves.

Burnt 292564 ACX from foundation reserve.

Burnt 73868 ACX from unlocked part (foundation, advisor, eco)

To know more about ACX:






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$ACX is a synthetic crypto asset that pegs its price to the market cap of all Andre Cronje Projects at a ratio of 1: 5 billion.